Congrats to Jay Petervary, 2021 TD Winner!!

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The man is a legend!

Of course, like most of the OG bikepackers, he’s riding with kLite. Take a close look at the front of his bike and you’ll see the distinctive three lobed kLite ULTRA dynamo lamp. 

Why do the most successful bikepackers ride with a kLite lighting / charging / dynamo setup?  Look at the awesome scattergram that Dave Brillhart posted recently.  

What it shows is that the difference between the front runners in this year’s race was mostly attributable to time in the saddle rather than speed. Dynamo lighting and charging systems like kLite allow riders to charge their devices while riding during the daytime and ride as long as they care to into the night. With electronic nav and communications devices topped up, dynamo riders are free from “battery range anxiety”.

kLite users don’t need to dwell in town, waiting for those batteries to charge. With the dynamo providing constant power, our riders can make a quick resupply stop and keep the time on the bike to a maximum. Drop us a line if you need some help making the switch to kLite power!

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