Closeout - kLite SON Wiring Loom - For SON Hubs Made Before 8/2020

Closeout - kLite SON Wiring Loom - For SON Hubs Made Before 8/2020

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SON made a running change in its dynamo hubs in 8/2020 that impacted the configuration of kLite wiring looms.  If you have a SON hub produced before 8/2020, the connection spades are slightly askew from each other - specifically not parallel to each other.  This configuration allowed for a kLite connection that used quite strong, rigid waterproof connectors that could splay apart to work with the skewed spades.  They also tended to last forever.  These awesome looms, however, don't work very well with the SON hubs produced after 8/2020.  The new hub configuration moved the connector spades just slightly closer together and into the same plane - so that they are parallel and not skewed from each other. The new configuration prompted a change in the kLite SON wiring loom that was backwardly compatible with the old and new configurations.  Hence the closeout!  If you have a SON hub produced before 8/2020, snap up this super duper deal on the wiring harness!  It's a 30-series "always on" wiring loom, so it's in alignment with the current kLite specification - but it won't work very easily with SON hubs produced after 8/2020.   Simple warranty through the end of 2021 provided by jefe velo.

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If you're looking to replace your kLite wiring harness, you've come to the right place. This listing is for a kLite pro / race wiring harness / wiring loom.      

This device is the heart of the kLite system, securely connecting your dynamo hub to the kLite lamp and USB charger, and including a toggle switch. No more fiddly DIY wiring solutions that break down during your first rainstorm / hailstorm / snowfield / bannock road mud situation / river crossing / etc.  The kLite wiring harness is ruggedized and designed for just these type of conditions.

The pro / race wiring harness is configured to keep the USB unit "always on" regardless of the position of the switch; the switch simply toggles the light on and off. This allows you to keep power to key devices like your trail GPS during night riding sessions and during the day, channel 100% of your dynamo power to charging devices through the USB charger.  

An application note:  If you're planning to use your new kLite wiring loom with existing kLite lamps or USB chargers, please look over the connector pictures below.  kLite made a running change in its wiring loom connection systems to enhance connection security and water protection; this change improved system longevity significantly.  

if you have older (60 series) lamp and USB charger and need a replacement wire loom, select the older style (60 series) replacement.

If you have an older (60 series) style loom and need a new lamp or USB charger, select a current model accessory and a 30 series to 60 series adapter.  

If after reviewing the pictures, you're not sure about compatibility, shoot us a picture of your harness and / or devices and we'll help assess compatibility.