kLite ULTRA V2 Low Drag Road Lamp - Requires kLite Wire Loom
kLite ULTRA V2 Low Drag Road Lamp - Requires kLite Wire Loom

kLite ULTRA V2 Low Drag Road Lamp - Requires kLite Wire Loom

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The kLite ULTRA v2 lamp is the world's best dynamo hub light. With three distinct application versions, this lightweight (133g), waterproof, and vibration-proof device is the ultimate night time riding companion for committed bicycle commuting, MTB singletrack, backcountry touring, bikepacking, touring, or ultra endurance road racing.  The device ships with a handlebar mount system (49g) that looks sharp on a road bike!

The entire kLite ULTRA lineup is “expedition rated”—waterproof, vibration proof, and tested over thousands of miles by elite cyclists worldwide. This listing is for the ULTRA lamp only – see “Kits” for ready-to-roll bikepacking setups.

Selected by Bikepacking.com in December 2020 in their “Gear of the Year” roundup!


ULTRA LOW DRAG ROAD--Highest Efficiency / Lowest Drag Dynamo Light – 750 L, 3x Spot Optics. Expedition rated like the ULTRA GRAVEL but its long-throw triple light is specifically optimized for higher speeds on hard surface roads.  This light setup is perfect for road touring and ultra-endurance road racing, and ideal for transcontinental events like the TCR in Europe and the Trans Am in the United States.  When coupled with the SON Delux dynamo hub, this lamp realizes 62% less drag than the ULTRA GRAVEL model—a savings that is uniquely appreciated over the long miles associated with these events. Drag savings are also observed with other SON and Shimano / Shutter Precision hubs. To provide the dramatically lower drag, the unit reduces illumination to 750 lumens and focuses all three beams on the road in front of the rider, providing a uniform lighting field ideal for the faster speeds seen in these specialties.  The lamp also offers a low speed / no power standlight designed to illuminate the road for ~10 minutes without being powered by the dynamo—useful for breaks and maintenance stops.  When coupled with the kLite USB charger and kLite wiring loom, this unit provides a turnkey ultra-endurance platform designed to keep electronics charged and you on the road. Ships with a handlebar mount; designed for use with the kLite dynamo wiring looms.

kLITE Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Mount Kit. Produced in conjunction with high quality bicycle and motorcycle handlebar mount producer GUB, this Aluminum Alloy handlebar mount allows you to put your kLite ULTRA lamp out in front of the handlebars and keeps it steady under the worst of conditions. It uses the 3 lobe / 2 lobe go pro mount system and quickly and easily mounts to your kLite ULTRA lamp.   

Designed around 31.8mm handlebars, it ships with a set of shims for use on 25.4mm bars. Does not fit 35mm bars. Includes stainless steel hex hardware on all adjustment points. Allows the elevation of the kLite ULTRA in front, above, or below the handlebar or handlebar extender to project above and beyond any handlebar bags and free up bar space. The Alloy handlebar mount is anodized black and has a mass of 49g without the shims.

Also ships with a 3d Printed on-handlebar mount that attaches with a set of included zip ties - useful for a center bar on aero bars and for mounting on 35mm Handlebars. 

Produced in Australia with a two year warranty.