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OK, it looks very much like I'm going to ride the 2022 Tour Divide as an individual time trial, departing June 16 from Antelope Wells. Six months out, my high-level target is to complete the ~2,700 miles in 23 - 27 days. I was at the grand depart in 2018 but scratched and in 2019, picked up where I left off and toured for two weeks. I know what I'm getting into here and my mind and body are in a reasonable place to make those kinds of predictions.

Here at the shop, we're big on "ride what you sell" and of course, the inverse, "don't sell it if you're not riding it".  So based on multiple requests from readers, I've posted my working bike and gear list--with the level of granular detail several degrees above what makes the annual "rigs of the tour divide" article on bikepacking.com. There's tons of detail here, more than most would want to consume, but planning is about the detail.

I'm around 90% complete on the bike setup, with a few more items making their way here to me. As many of you know, that's no small feat given the supply chain challenges that exist in the worldwide bicycle industry. You'll notice that the build and the kit are notably "sturdy". Self-sufficiency is one of my core values it's one of the things that really draws me to adventuring. I'd so much rather carry some extra stuff uphill than to have to make the long walk back. It's not a minimalist list--there are plenty of luxury items listed. Mad respect to the toothbrush handle cutters out there, I'm going full toothbrush.

Some notable changes in the configuration this year. The most visible: a switch from an under-seat storage system to the Tailfin integrated rack system and a switch from the Lauf suspension fork to a Fox telescoping suspension fork.

  • The Tailfin is a really well-designed piece of kit. I've always had a bit of leg rub with the different seat bags and have disliked how difficult it was to take stuff in and out of them. Tailfin fixes these niggles with a user-friendly top-load solution with right / left zippers that allow access to the bottom of the bag. Watch out though, it's so easy to use, it's an invitation to bring more stuff. I selected the alloy "Aeropack" model, an integrated rack and bag combination. There are many other variants, this seemed the most purpose-built for the application. One thing I really like about the Aeropack is that it's awesome for commuting to work, really easy to drop stuff in and take stuff out, and it's also become my go-to for delivering packages!
  • After 2018's scratch on the TD, I concluded that the fast, rutted descents were too much for my limited bike handling skills and a rigid fork (even with a 2.6 front tire!). Mad respect to anyone who can do it without a suspension. I moved to the Lauf and really wanted to love it. It is great at isolating washboard and taking the buzz out of the trail, it lived up to its maintenance free claims, and gave me the confidence to bomb down fast back country downhills without bottoming out. But it was just too jouncy for me in the climbs. I like to stand a fair bit when climbing and with no lockout, it caused me to change up my riding style a bit too much. With the lockout, the Fox is up to the challenge and keeps me safe on the fast descents. Just have to remember to twist the cam at the top of the hill!

I'll post some glamour shots as soon as it's together. Most of our big sellers are on the bike--we're going with a full kLite ULTRA setup with front and rear Qubes, the Jayhawker Dynamo Boost wheelset, wide Walmer bars with our special extra long handlebar tape, and plenty of other favorites. If you have some feedback on my list, or better yet, some recommendations, send me an email at jefe@jefe.bike. 

Here's the working list so far - Version 1.0


2018 Salsa Fargo frameset, Large. Salsa Alternator dropout kit, 12x148mm TA. 


Fox FLOAT SC Factory FIT4 Damper 32mm Kashima 100mm travel, 51mm offset.  Fox 15 x 110mm integrated thru axle with QR actuator

Bearing Kits

Chris King Nothreadset headset and fork spacer kit, Cane Creek Hellbender 70 BSA bottom bracket, 30MM spindle

Grease on thread surfaces:  Military specification Ultra TEF-GEL anti-seize / corrosion prohibitor. Keeps water out of my BB threads and prevent squeaks.


Cane Creek eeWings Titanium 175mm MTB, direct chainring mount, with Loctite LB 8008 C5-A Copper base anti-seize lubricant on bearing surfaces and spindle

Front Chainring

Garbaruk 34t direct mount 3.6mm boost offset (silver anodized)


Shimano XTR PD-M9120 SPD


SRAM Eagle 12-speed X01 (silver) AXS – 120 Links

Proprietary Jefe Velo paraffin wax + Tungsten Disulfide powder lubricant, supplemented with Squirt long lasting wax-based dry lubricant


SRAM Eagle X01 1295 10 – 50 12-speed 2-piece, silver



Rear Thru Axle

Tailfin 1.75mm thread pitch – 12mm diameter


Jefe Velo Jayhawker™ Dynamo Boost Wheelset, 32 spokes F/R, Shutter Precision PD-8X dynamo hub, 23mm inner / 28mm outer carbon fiber rimset, tubeless ready with bead lip, SRAM XD 6-pawl freehub


Rene Herse 700c x 55 Fleecer Ridge TC, Endurance Plus Tires F/R Endurance + Casing

MaXalami Wurstwasser MaxSeal Hi-Fibre environmentally friendly non-latex tubeless sealant

Brake Rotors

SRAM Centerline 180mm ISO 6-bolt with Titanium Hardware (F/R)

Brake Calipers

Juin Tech GT Hydraulic 4-Piston Cable Pull Brake Calipers (F/R)

Brake Shoes

Shimano H03C Sintered with Heatsink Design

Brake Cables

Shimano Dura Ace BC-9000 polymer coated brake cable and housing set, black. Note: I needed two kits (using rear on the front and back) since these are "road" optimized and the front cable housing and cable are too short for use with my suspension fork. With hydraulic braking and electronic shifting now so reliable, bicycle cable systems are obviously on their way toward extinction on high end bikes, but this Dura Ace setup is the ultimate expression of cable technology. It's marginally better than the Yokozuna Reaction kit, slightly less expensive and easier to work with. Because the cable coating is so pervasive and slippery, one needs to lightly abrade the end of the cable so that the brake terminus can get a solid grip. Be sure to use gloves and a mask for this process.


SRAM Force AXS Cable Pull


Paul Components Boxcar – 70mm +15 deg Polished Silver


Curve Walmer 60cm Ultra-Wide Drop Handlebars

Bar Tape

Underlayer - Jefe Velo 4.8mm Extra Long Cushion Ethylene Polymer Acetate Tape

Top Layer – Jefe Velo 3.7mm Extra Long Super Grip Silicone 2-Layer Tape

Aero Bars

BarYak Custom Configuration:

     Expedition SL Bar Rails

     Expedition XL Extension

     Carbon Fiber Bar Ends

     Titanium 22.2mm Cross Bar

     BarYak Talon Fabric Front Bag Harness

Profile Designs "flip up" arm rests with 70mm risers, mounted to Walmer drop bars, modified with jefe velo hardware solution to eliminate persistent rattle from OEM configuration


Cane Creek EESilk+ Carbon Fiber 27.2 with #5 Elastomer

Seatpost collar

Salsa Liplock


Infinity Elite E1X (solid stainless steel rails & honeycomb leather cutouts)

Dynamo Charging and Lighting System

kLite ULTRA Gravel Kit

     kLite ULTRA gravel lamp

     kLite Dual USB Charger

     kLite USB Always On Wire Loom

kLite Qube – Front and Rear Safety Blinker System, slightly modified to extend wire length based on the specific configuration.

Nitecore NPB1 - Submersible, pass through charging Li-Ion battery mounted to BarYak along with kLite Dual USB Charger.

Onboard Electronics

Wahoo Roam GPS – Primary TD Track Navigation

Garmin inReach Mini 2 Satellite Communicator (February upgrade from Explorer+)

Apple iPhone 12 with Quad Lock on-stem zip tie mount system

     Gaia GPS – Secondary TD Track Navigation

     InReach iPhone App

     Wahoo App

     SRAM AXS App

     Electronic Que Sheets From OneOfSeven Project

Nitecore Submersible USB Battery Banks (2) –10,000 (in bag for emergencies) & 5,000mAh (on bars)

Extra Rechargable AXS Battery + AXS Recharger

Extra Duracell 2032 Brifter Batteries (2) - with new installed a week before departure


Charging Cables: Two Jefe Velo 12" cable kits - each including 1x USB-A to Micro USB, 1x USB-A to Apple Lightning and 1xUSB-A to USB-C

Fast wall charging block: 110-V AC - 60A, 2-USB-A Ports, 1-USB-C Port

Nitecore NU17 USB re-chargeable headlamp (for maintenance and camping)


Fork Mounts:

     Tailfin Stainless Steel Suspension Fork Mounts

          Drive side front:  King Cage Titanium bottle cage

          Drive side rear:  Bearclaw Holster Bear Spray Holder

          Non-drive side front:  King Cage Titanium bottle cage

          Non-drive side rear:  King Cage Titanium bottle cage -  lowered model


     Sea to Summit E-Vent Compression Dry Sack – Large - for sleeping system, mounted to BarYak Talon Harness in front of handlebars)


     Rogue Panda custom rolltop frame bag with map pocket

     Rogue Panda Alamo top tube bag (near stem)

     Rogue Panda Rincon top tube bag (near seatpost)

     Wolftooth TekLite roll top bag with mounting plate (under downtube)


     Tailfin Aeropack Alloy with seatpost extender and thru axle mounting kit. 

     On top of the Aeropack--Bikepacking Cargo Net by Original Free Range.  I love this product, it's really useful for stowing clothes you want to take on and off without a lot of storage and fuss, like your rain jacket on a showery day or maybe clothes you've rinsed out and need to dry.  

     Drive side rear:  King Cage Titanium Bottle Cage, lowered model 

     Non-drive side rear:  King Cage Titanium Manything Cage with 5L Dyneema bag for my food items by Ultra Lite Sacks and Viole straps

Water System

Four 1L Zefal Magnum Water Bottles

2L Hydrapak Seeker collapsible water bladder w thread-in Katadyn BeFree filter. Also doubles as extra water storage for lengthy desert stretches.

Katadyn Micropur water purification tablets. 

Sleeping System


     Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL1, freestanding.

     Titanium tent stakes

     Polycro ground sheet modified to fit my tent footprint

Sleeping Bag / Pad:

     Nemo Moonwalk 30F Sleeping Bag

     Nemo Tensor 20R 72x20x3 insulated 30F inflatable sleeping pad and Klymit Pillow X inflatable (see "Full Toothbrush" above)

Rain Kit

Jacket:  Gorewear R7 Shakedry with hood

Pants: Outdoor Research Helium Pants

Feet:  DexShell Waterproof Socks, Velotoze stretch rubber overshoes, Trail Toes anti-friction waterproofing foot balm for the first half of the route

Hands: Showers Pass Waterproof Crosspoint knit gloves, Goretex HotShot Infinium Stretch Gloves, REI Minimalist GTX Rain Mittens.  These three also work well for cold mornings.  Probably won't need the Gore Tex mittens and gloves beyond Pinedale.

Food / Food Prep

On the TD, my “average” food goal is to carry enough calories for two complete days. For bear hygene, food and my toiletry sack are kept in a 5L roll top dyneema bag mounted on the tailfin rack with immediate consumption items in the front top tube bag. That dyneema bag also holds an Esbit solid fuel integrated stove / cookset that’s useful for boiling water for ramen / freeze dried food but only use it where it’s permitted. I also plan to carry a long-handled Titanium spork. So glamourous! I take every chance I can to eat in restaurants and to buy food in convenience stores, mostly to keep boredom at bay. There really is enough food along the route to keep you going, two days of food onboard is a bit overkill but it’s one of those anxiety reducing things for me, it allows me to worry about something else. Like bears. I carry 50 ft of DynaGlide bear hanging cordage and make sure all of my food and toiltetries are hanging with the PCT method in the 5L dyneema bag - with a target of 300ft away from the campsite, and I make a point of never eating anywhere near the tent. Suggest you do the same!


Tire Repair:

     Dynaplug Deluxe Bikepacking Tire Repair Kit

     Tubolito tubes (2) + Tubolito patch kit 

     Park Tool TB-2 sidewall repair kit

     Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV (worth the weight)

     120ml Wurstwasser Hi-Fibre tire sealant

     Pedros tire levers (2)

     Park Tool presta valve core removal tool

     2 extra valve cores plus one extra complete valve

Crank Brothers M19 tool

Sheffield 12010 multi-tool

Four extra disc brake pads

One extra SPD cleat and cleat hardware

4oz Squirt chain wax (resupply at Pinedale)

One extra Tailfin 1.75 thread pitch thru axle

Wolf Tooth 8-bit with two extra chain quick links

Two more chain quick links

Tiny Philips screwdriver to remove batteries in SRAM brifters

Four extra spokes – 2 for each wheel (backups come standard with Jayhawker wheels)

2 feet of Gorilla tape, 2 feet of electrical tape, 1 tube Krazy glue, Gear Aid Tenacious Tape repair patches (2)

Small “hotel style” needle and thread kit 

Stainless steel tweezers

20 zip ties of varying lengths / widths

Bic disposable lighter

3 Jefe Velo stainless steel nut / bolt sets - M3 / M4 / M5 + 4 Jefe Velo M5 stainless steel waterbottle boss bolts


Insect repellent, sunscreen, sunscreen lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, biodegradable wilderness soap, chamois cream, Jefe Velo compressed wilderness wipes, hydrocortisone / A&D / antifungal creams, KN-95 masks, hand sanitizer, ear plugs

First Aid

Small first aid kit. 4-Alcohol wipes, 4-self-adhesive bandages, 1-gauze, tube of anti-bacterial cream, 4-Benadryl, 10-ibuprofen, 4-imodium, 1-pack of military spec anti-hemorrhaging coagulation powder, 20-Hylands anti-leg cramp pills

Camp Clothes

Lightweight down puffy jacket, overhead bug net, lightweight pants, boxers, wool t-shirt, Smartwool merino wool knit cap

Riding Clothes

Bib shorts (2), Leg warmers, sun sleeves, long sleeve wool pullover, long sleeve polyester pullover, Gore Windstopper t-shirt, polyester t-shirt, long finger riding gloves, helmet, under-helmet beanie, sunglasses, neck / head buff, thin wool socks (2), cycling shoes. Necklace with ID and titanium anti-bear safety whistle. I've been experimenting a lot this year with cycling shoes and have settled on a pair of 2022 Pearlizumi x-Alp Elevates. They're wide enough for my feet, have a torsionally stiff sole that's easy enough to walk in, a grippy Vibram bottom for traction on rocks and a dual Boa closure system. I rode with a whole bunch of high-end adventure shoes this year (Giro, Quoc, Rapha) before I settled on these. They're quite nice on and off the bike, I'll be breaking them in over the winter and spring.


Passport, vaccination card, wallet, downloaded podcasts / books on tape / playlists, space pen, small notebook, bag to pack out my waste


Update—glamour shots for bikepacking.com


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