kLite Kits

kLite – “Expedition Rated” off-the-grid adventure gear.  Amazingly engineered and exactingly assembled endurance racing, bikepacking, and audax gear and accessories from Australia. 

kLite ULTRA system selected by Bikepacking.com in December 2020 in their “Gear of the Year” roundup!  


kLite now offers three versions of the ULTRA V2 dynamo lamp—each uniquely designed for a different branch of endurance cycling.  The ULTRA uses high-end Cree XPGv3 LEDs with SquareTECH trail riding optimized optics, which work together to provide the world’s brightest and most efficient dynamo light.  Please note that ULTRA V2 is intended for dynamo use only.  The entire kLite ULTRA lineup is “expedition rated”—waterproof, vibration proof, and tested over thousands of miles by elite cyclists worldwide. Select MTB, GRAVEL, or ROAD options.

To minimize our impact on the environment, we're posting the kLite datasheet / instructions here for download - in lieu of printing.