Changing up my handlebar bag game

Switched from a traditional strap-mount handlebar bag (Ortlieb 15L) to the Salsa EXP Cradle / Drybag combo this week and gave it and my Porcelain Rocket seat bag a fully loaded 60+ mile test ride on Saturday. 

I love how the cradle mounts to the bars and how the whole setup becomes one with the bike—no shifting around and no bouncing. I set it up with minimal cantilever so that the bag was close but not touching the head tube.  It allowed me to attach my Ortlieb accessory bag off the front without blocking my kLite.

The Curve Walmer bars —at 60CM at the drops —allow the full use of the Salsa 15L drybag, it’s got my entire sleeping kit (bag, tent, groundsheet, poles, stakes, inflatable pad, sleeping bag), and I even had room to spare so went in the Esbit cooking kit, my rain gear, and some gloves.  This is a huge improvement over the capacity I was able to muster with the much narrower 46CM Woodchippers.  

Some other changes—moved to the kLite handlebar mount, to a handlebar mount phone holder, to the stem for the Wahoo gps, and on the seatpost, switched from the traditional lip lock to a fancy Salsa liplock with a rack mount and ditched the seatpost sleeve mount for the porcelain rocket.  

The new setup is thoroughly connected to the bike—no sway, no bounce—and very quiet. Enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather but not the 20+ kt wind gusts. 

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