Cockpit Upgrade Day! - BarYak, Walmer, KLite

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For those of us that lay down the miles on a consistent basis, “cockpit upgrade day” is a close second to “new bike day”. This week, I had the pleasure of upgrading my cockpit with a custom system from BarYak and it’s nothing short of a revolutionary change. It’s amazingly engineered, the fit and finish are exemplary, and it offers tons of adjustability. Based on my riding this week, it’s a bunch faster thank my prior setup!

Pictured here is the BarYak Expedition 35 with an Expedition XL extender, a Titanium cross bar, carbon fiber grips, Profile “flip up” arm rests with 70mm risers, and a BarYak Talon cradle.

Coming along for the ride in the cockpit: kLite ULTRA Gravel kit with on-handlebar mount, 60CM Curve Walmer Bars, Curve XL handlebar tape, Jefe Velo 4MM Ultra Cushion Handlebar Tape underlayer, Wahoo Roam GPS + iPhone 12 w Gaia GPS backup (Quad Lock stem mount), Titan Power mini-USB cable leading from kLite Dual USB charger, road / gravel Togs for grip on the drops, SRAM Force AXS cable brifters, Paul 80mm Boxcar stem, Salsa Dry Bag, Ortlieb Bar Bag, Rogue Panda top tube bag with the Jefe owl affixed.

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