Dynaplug Kit Saves My Day!

Self sufficiency is one of my core values so it's no surprise that whenever I head out for a ride, I've got the right amount of tools to deal with most mechanical failures. It's also one of the reasons I love riding tubeless tires, a lot of times, they quietly "heal" themselves from punctures. You only see the evidence when you change out your tires and see the clotted blocks of sealant adhered to the inside of the tire surface.

Yesterday morning, I had one of those flats where the tubeless sealant couldn't do the job. I had an important 7am call with Europe and was going to be cutting it close on a 90 minute loop I ride near my house. About 30 minutes in, on a stretch of bikepath, the front tire started feeling soft. We're getting close to the winter solstice and we haven't done the daylight savings time yet so it's quite dark in the morning, and this situation plus the need to be back at a specific time was going to put my self sufficiency to the test.

Pulled over and leaned the bike on a tree, pulled off the front wheel and took a look at the tire surface in the light of the kLite standlight. Sure enough, there was a quarter inch piece of brown glass that had cut into the tire surface. The telltale tire sealant was leaking out around the glass and when I pulled the piece out, the sealant and remaining air hissed as I manipulated the tire surface with my fingers. This was a cut that was not going to seal itself--Dynaplug to the rescue!

Pulled the Dynaplug from the waterbottle boss holder, popped off the cap, and injected the smaller "pointy" tire plug bullet into the tire with a steady but firm push with the Dynaplug holder. The hole into the inside of the tire wasn't large enough to support the larger "silver" bullet style but accommodated the brass pointy bullet well. It went into the tire and left about half of the rubber outside on the tire surface. To my delight, it aired right up with my pump with zero fiddling--first time fix--popped the wheel back on the bike and I was back in the saddle in less than 5 minutes. 

Made it home with enough time to shower before my call!  The plug and the pressure were still holding up when I went for this morning's ride. The portion of the rubber plug that was above the surface of the tire had frayed significantly from road / path / dirt contact and seems to have expanded to fill the entire fissure left by the glass. Couldn't feel it on the bike--no "bump, bump, bump" but I might try trimming some of the excess with scissors later today just for aesthetics. 

Before Dynaplug, this would have been a "take the tire off and insert a spare tube" roadside repair. I've done this plenty of times, but as you know, with tubeless tires, this can be a major undertaking, especially in the dark--and the chances of something going wrong and it taking more than 15 minutes are very high. Not to mention the latex sealant all over your hands and bike. Pick up a Dynaplug kit from us today and save yourself the hassle!  It's an impressive tool.

Dynaplug Deluxe Bikepacking Kit – jefe.bike


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