Jefe Adds MaXalami Synthetic Tire Sealant and Two New Shutter Precision Hubsets

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May 2022 -- Jefe Velo LLC has added three new product lines to its growing line of nonpareil bikepacking gear.

MaXalami tire sealant, produced in Germany to the highest specifications, is one of Europe's best selling tubeless tire sealants. Designed and marketed by MTB world champion and mechanical engineer Max Friedrich, Wurstwasser Hi-Fibre is the most effective in-tire sealant on the market. Jefe is the only importer offering this product in the U.S. market in both 1-Liter and 250 ml volumes. We've been using the product in our tires for over a year - at least three sets of tires, and it's performed flawlessly for us. If you're still using latex-based sealants, now is the time to switch. Wurstwasser has no latex stink, no latex glob-balls rolling around in your tires, and performs as well on the first ride of your new tires as it does on the last ride on them.

Shutter Precision hubs are a favorite of ours due to their great performance and tremendous value. We've been selling the PD-7 (100x12 thru axle) and PD-8X (110x15 thru axle) since the beginning and have recently augmented our product line with two new PD-8X models--the nearly-orphaned 100x15 standard and the fat bike standard of 150x15. Both of these offer the same efficiency and output as the PD-8X we've been selling for years, but have been augmented to address different fork widths. One of the things we love about the PD-8X 100x15 is that it comes standard with an insert that allows conversion to 100x9 Quick Release, meaning that you can use it on your MTB and your disc touring bike! This versatility is a hallmark of Shutter Precision's engineering-based design philosophy. 

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