kLite Launches “Minimalist” Charging Kit

bikepacking kLite minimalist usb USB Battery

Please take a moment to appreciate the irony associated with the formal launch of the kLite “minimalist” dynamo charging system. Any self respecting minimalist would immediately dispatch such marketing drivel. Yet here we are, celebrating the excellence of this robust backcountry charging system. 

The kit comes with a kLite dual USB charger, an unswitched wire loom that connects your dynamo hub (choose Shimano/Shutter Precision or SON) to the USB charger, and zip ties to connect the system securely to your bike. It takes minutes to configure and you’ll be converting your dynamo’s 3W variable voltage alternating current stream to two 5V DC streams from the dual USB charger.

Its perfect for riders who want the benefit of on-the-bike charging without the weight and expense of a dynamo light.  Not a big night rider? This is the perfect integrated system for you—just add your dynamo hub. #ULTRATUFF

kLite Minimalist Dynamo-to-USB Charging System – jefe.bike

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