kLite Support for 2021 Tour Divide / Border to Border Classic

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I just finished reading the Bikepacking.com “Rigs of the 2021 Tour Divide” and was completely humbled by the level of detail and investment that each of you has put into planning out your bikes for this tremendous undertaking. 

We wish you the best of luck in your respective races – the race against the clock, the race Vs. other participants, and most of all, the race against yourself and your thoughts. With kLite onboard, you already have the best available setup, so you can dedicate that mind space to other things – staying hydrated, keeping a positive mental outlook regardless of the circumstances, and avoiding any wrong turns along the route. Remember, regardless of what’s happening right now, tomorrow will be better. Your efforts are motivational for the hundreds or maybe even thousands of dot watchers.

Should any of you have a technical issue with your kLite setup--or your non-kLite dynamo configuration--during the event, please keep the jefe.bike phone / SMS number handy – +1 317 975 0995. We'll be available 24x7 to help diagnose and address any issues you encounter throughout the race. We have kLite inventory strategically located not too far from the race route (in Las Vegas, Nevada) that can be overnighted to you provided you’re in a place with an address. Our first priority is keeping you moving, so we’ll worry about the commercial details after you’ve held your bike in the air at Antelope Wells (or at Eureka if you’re heading North).

Best of luck in the event!

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