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If you haven't checked out the One of Seven Project website, the off season might be the time to do it--because you're going to need that much time to consume the mad knowledge that Craig Fowler is dropping over there. I'll let Craig explain the website name in his own words, his mission is pretty damn motivating. 

The site offers up proper respect for anyone getting out there and testing their boundaries, whether they're bikepacking noobs or stone cold experts like Craig. That's something that's hard to do. When I'm out riding or at the shop, I try to avoid the biker-bro mentality where hammering and suffering are the thing to brag on. Craig's been to the edge but doesn't care to brag about it, one of seven is about shredding and understanding how the journey has changed you. 

One of the things I love about the site is that like us here at Jefe, Craig actually rides what he professes and isn't a pretender about it. He's ridden every major North American bikepacking ride and written about it. When something doesn't quite work out as planned, he right out owns it and drops it in the scientific method blender so you won't have to make the same mistakes.

One of seven's rider and gear surveys are also fascinating. Yeah, it's backward looking and the bikepacking equipment market is crazy into new developments, but if you take a broad look at what riders have using and see it through Craig's lens, you can see if that innovation you thought up in the middle of the night is something truly unique or something that others have been doing for a while. 

While you're there, absolutely take them up on their trail guides and planning aids. They're a great companion to the Adventure Cycling Association maps (if you're lucky enough to have them for your ride) and super up-to-date in a way that is increasingly important in our middle-to-late pandemic environment. A lot of the small places that we rely on have been negatively impacted and these route guides are as updated as you're going to find. The information in these guides could literally be a life saver.

Last, the photography and stories are nothing short of breathtaking. It's a really great website--I can't believe you're still here!

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