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You're shopping for the bikepacker in your life. Your favorite blue dot, the one that mysteriously stops and then starts up again, why did they stop like that? You'll never know because you were nice enough not to send a text to their satellite in-reach asking why they stopped. They've got enough to worry about, they were probably stopped by nature calling anyway.

Here at, tis the season that we field gift inquiries. Of course, not all of you are dot watchers, some gift givers are in fact bikepackers of note themselves, and if you're that sort of gift giver, you already know what you're giving, so we're not going to dwell on your needs here. Just know that shipping is free and if it shows in stock, it is, and we're generally good about keeping our inventory up to date.

For everyone else, we'll try to hit the top five gifts we expect to be shipping to dot watchers for their favorite bikepackers this season. If none of these suggestions ring your bell, just drop us a note, SMS, or call us here and we'll talk you through a memorable gift suggestion!

#1 kLite Dynamo Bikepacking Kit.

Assuming your giftee has a dynamo front wheel, it's everything you need to charge your devices and light up that trail or road ahead of you. We have two basic variations - hub type and lamp type. Lamp type is the easiest to resolve - is it for a mountain bike (usually has flat handlebars), a road bike (drop handlebars, skinny-ish tires, and well, stays pretty much on the road), or a gravel bike (drop handlebars, wider tires, and it's very, very dirty from riding off road)?  We have three different lamps, one for each of these specialties.  The other variation is hub type--which type of dynamo hub does your giftee have?  Take a close look and it should say the brand right on the hub.  If it says "SON" anywhere on it, that's a dead giveaway that it has a SON type connector.  All other dynamo hubs use a Shimano / Shutter Precision connector. If you're really confused by it all, snap a picture and send it to us, we'll talk you through it. And if your giftee doesn't have a dynamo hub, that brings us to #2 on the list!

#2  Jayhawker™ 29er Carbon Fiber Dynamo Wheelset

The Jayhawker is a super-strong carbon fiber dynamo wheelset designed for bikepacking and gravel riding. Produced by one of the world's largest rim and wheel manufacturers for jefe velo, the Jayhawker's unique mix of flex and strength provides a superb platform for your giftee's backcountry adventures. At the heart of the system is the powerful and lightweight Shutter Precision PD-7 dynamo hub. This is where it gets technical though--it is designed for the gravel bike standard of 100mm x 12mm thru axle (front) and 142 x 12mm thru axle (back), ISO 6-bold disc mounts, and comes standard with a Shimano HG compatible freehub, with others (SRAM XD, XDR, Shimano Microspline) available separately. If none of that made any sense to you, let us know something about your giftee's bike and we can tell you if it will work.

#3 The Bearclaw Holster - Securely Holds a Can of Bear Spray to the Bike

Does your giftee ride in an area frequented by bears? It might be time to up their defensive game with The Bearclaw Holster--the world's one and only bicycle waterbottle cage mounted bear spray holster. It mounts securely to bicycle water bottle bosses (including triple fork mounts) and a standard 8oz can of bear spray simply clicks into the mount where it will stand ready for a quick, one handed extraction at that critical moment. The 3d printed mount holds the can securely, even over bouncy, rocky terrain, and there's no more fumbling into your bags when you really need to keep your eyes, well, on the bear.  If all of your waterbottle mounts are taken, it also zipties to your top tube or handlebar. Nothing says "I love you more" than The Bearclaw Holster. Made in Montana, where they know a thing or two about bears.

#4  New Handlebar Tape

There's nothing better than new handlebar tape, and we have a bunch of bikepacking and gravel specific options to choose from here at jefe. Our favorite is a double wrap, with jefe 4.8mm Mega XL Cushion Bar Tape as the underlayment and jefe 3.7mm Mega XL Super Grip Bar Tape as the top layer. Together, this dynamic duo is the answer to road and trail vibration - it evens it all out while providing a fantastic grip even in the wettest of conditions. Made specifically for jefe velo by the same factories that produce the world's most expensive handlebar tapes!  Comes with a fly jefe sticker - the one with the owl.

#5 Walmer Super Wide Drop Handlebars

This isn't a criterium, so why is your giftee still riding with those narrow handlebars? Ride wide with the Walmer bar. Go nuts with the 60cm bar like we do. Why is wide cool? Vibration attenuation, comfort, and breathability.  Not to mention the shock factor - no one is coming past you with those bars so wide. This kicks the bikepacking fun up to an entirely new level. With so much room in between the hoods, you can ride with just about any bikepacking bag jammed completely full and still have plenty of room for your hands. Ships with a pack of Curve XL handlebar tape.

#6 - Jefe Gift Card!

Classic gift approach!  I know this was supposed to be a "top 5", but sometimes you have got to make compromises. How can we have a top gift list without a gift card on it?  Good for anything on the jefe site--can't go wrong with this choice!


Well that's our top 6!  Still have gift questions?  Ask the experts - give us a call or text on +1 317 975 0995 or email us at . Last year, we helped lots of SOs, aunts, uncles, sisters, parents and friends up their gift game in a major way, appearing like they had been longtime subscribers of Adventure Cyclist AND Velo News. 

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