Tour Divide 2022 - Links to Trackleaders and Mapshare

tour divide

I leave for Antelope Wells on Wednesday this week and with all of the grand departure racers already out on the course, I am beyond excited to begin my Tour Divide ITT. Here are a few resources for those that are following the race:

About the Tour Divide: Only Defeat Comes Easy on the Tour Divide

Racer profiles: Rigs of the 2022 Tour Divide:  Drop-Bar Bikes   --  My bio and bike are listed bout half way down on this site

The race flow tracker, where you can see the racers in real time relative to each other, along with topographical information and local weather. This is the official “dot watcher” site. Tour Divide 2022 live tracker by

A fun site that combines the excitement of dot watching with story telling and photos from riders on the route. Tour Divide -

The website for my GPS communicator, where you can send me motivational messages like “I see that you’re moving very slowly this morning”. Matt T. races the Tour Divide (

Where there's mobile phone coverage, I'll try to post some pictures here and on our instagram site @jefevelo.

Below are a couple of embeds - the click on the links to go to the actual websites--they're a lot more useful full screen than they are here!

Trackleaders - 2022 Tour Divide:

 My GPS Tracker Site:

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