Voltaic Systems - The Dynamo Optimized Battery Perfect for Bikepacking

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Shout out to our newest vendor, Voltaic Systems!  The Voltaic lineup of storage batteries are the perfect companion to the kLite USB charger and your dynamo-enabled bikepacking rig. These rugged devices are optimized for the variable input that arises from dynamo hubs and are a great way to make the most of your dynamo output during the day. Voltaic also produces a range of small solar panels, which are useful for passively charging your batteries in any sort of off-the-grid situation. 

Voltaic's batteries feature pass-through charging, ultra low no-shut-off current flow (useful for low current draw devices like the Garmin eTrex), and "as stated" storage capacities (we've measured them), they're a fantastic pairing with the kLite ULTRA bikepacker kits. The units also offer backcountry redundancy--with two different input ports (mini USB and USB-C) as well as two USB-A output ports.

When I head out on an off-the grid tour, I go with my kLite system, my dynamo wheelset, and two Voltaic units - one charged up and stored safely at the bottom of my frame bag and one that's charging from my kLite USB charger and front wheel hub dynamo in my top tube bag. This belt and suspenders battery - dynamo approach allows me to go all-in on electronic navigation and alleviates range anxiety. With this setup, my limiting factor is now entirely related to my fitness.

This year's border-to-border version of the Tour Divide will include a whole bunch of kLite / Voltaic riders - check out their progress on trackleaders.com starting on June 11.

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