Jefe Velo Dynamo Hub Bare-Wire Extension Kit - 3 Feet
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Jefe Velo Dynamo Hub Bare-Wire Extension Kit - 3 Feet

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We get calls all the time for this product.  "Do you have the right kind of wire to use if I want to . . . to my kLite system"?  Yes! 

This is insulated stranded pair copper wire with a weather and UV protected PVC outer shield to help it stand up to the rigors of the outdoors on your setup.  Comes with four waterproof heat-shrink crimp connectors ideally suited for this wire, plus two sections of heat shrink waterproof insulation to make your job look professional (cut each in half and use on each side of the extension wire). Measure twice and cut once! 

Keep in mind that when you cut into a kLite wire loom to expose the wires, you void the warranty.  But I get it, sometimes you just need that extended or internal wiring situation.  Black, 3 foot section.  For longer lengths, please email  .