kLite Gravel Kit - SON Hub
kLite Gravel Kit - SON Hub
kLite Gravel Kit - SON Hub
kLite Gravel Kit - SON Hub
kLite Gravel Kit - SON Hub
kLite Gravel Kit - SON Hub
kLite Gravel Kit - SON Hub

kLite Gravel Kit - SON Hub

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kLite Gravel Kit - Everything you need but the dynamo! 

The ultimate endurance racing / touring electron kit!  1,300 L, waterproof, and vibration proof.  Add your SON dynamo hub and this kit has everything you need to get off the grid, light up the trail ahead, and simultaneously charge two of your critical devices. It includes the following:

ULTRA GRAVEL LAMP—Long Projection 1,300 L Triple Beam: 2x Spot Optics, 1x Flood Optic. Intended for racing and touring over gravel and dirt roads, the ULTRA GRAVEL lamp uses projector lenses on the two outside lamps and a diffused lens on the center lamp. You will be amazed by how bright this lamp is—especially on quiet and lonely gravel roads. It’s so bright that . . . it’s illegal to use on roads in Germany, and oncoming cars slow down to check out what it is that’s coming toward them. There is nothing better to lift your spirits than riding with this lamp at night!  As with the ULTRA MTB, below 13kph / 8mph, the power from the dynamo is boosted to provide the world’s most powerful dynamo light at low speed.  At 13kph / 8mph, the center flood optic kicks in to provide immediate vicinity illumination.  The unit also has capacitive storage which provides light in low power mode for ~10 minutes without incoming power – ideal for hike-a-bike, on-the-trail maintenance, and a quick camp setup. When coupled with the kLite USB charger and kLite wiring loom, this unit provides a turnkey ultra-endurance platform designed to keep your electronics charged and you on the gravel. Ships with a handlebar mount; designed for use with the kLite dynamo wiring loom and any current dynamo hub.

kLITE DUAL USB CHARGER.  This weatherproof dual USB charger accessory converts the varying load of alternating current thrown off by your dynamo hub into two steady streams of 5V USB DC charging. A red LED lamp assures you that magic is happening and electrons are actually making their way from your hub into your USB device. Cleverly designed and small enough to fit wherever you feel the best spot is for your charging excellence, including inside of your bikepacking bags! (Dimensions:  8cm x 3.5cm x 2.5cm, inclusive of ziptie mounting holes).  The mounting options are virtually endless - I have mine mounted on the inner edge of my aero bars with zip ties, providing easy access from the handlebars and to charging accessories such as the kLite QUBE rear blinker and GPS / Phone accessories on the handlebar.

kLITE "USB ALWAYS ON" DYNAMO WIRE LOOM WITH INTEGRATED LAMP SWITCH - SON DYNAMO CONNECTOR.  The trail lamp and dual USB charger are connected by an "expedition rated" wire loom that provides a positive, waterproof connection to your dynamo hub.  Toggle the switch on and you have lights and USB charging, toggle the switch off, and the lights are off and you have USB charging only.  This "always on" USB functionality is perfect for endurance riders who need constant GPS charging and for those interested in the kLite QUBE--a blinking rear or blinking front/rear light accessory available separately.

kLITE Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Mount Kit. Produced in conjunction with high quality bicycle and motorcycle handlebar mount producer GUB, this Aluminum Alloy handlebar mount allows you to put your kLite ULTRA lamp out in front of your handlebars and keeps it steady under the worst of conditions. It uses the 3 lobe / 2 lobe go pro mount system and quickly and easily mounts to your kLite ULTRA lamp.   

Designed around 31.8mm handlebars, it ships with a set of shims for use on 25.4mm bars. Does not fit 35mm bars. Includes stainless steel hex hardware on all adjustment points. Allows the elevation of the kLite ULTRA in front, above, or below the handlebar or handlebar extender to project above and beyond any handlebar bags and free up bar space. The Alloy handlebar mount is anodized black and has a mass of 49g without the shims.

Also ships with a 3d Printed on-handlebar mount that attaches with a set of included zip ties - useful for a center bar on aero bars and for mounting on 35mm Handlebars. 

Summary of kit contents:

  •  kLite ULTRA v2 Lamp - Long Beam Version - Gravel (133g)
  •  Dual USB charger with LED indicator lamp (68g)
  •  Pro "USB always on" wiring harness (SON Dynamo Connector) with lamp "on / off" switch (58g)
  •  Aluminum alloy handlebar mount kit (49g)
  •  Zip ties to connect the wiring loom and USB charger to your bike
  •  Manufactured in Australia.
  •  Two year warranty.