kLite ULTRA V2 Gravel Lamp - Requires kLite Wire Loom
kLite ULTRA V2 Gravel Lamp - Requires kLite Wire Loom

kLite ULTRA V2 Gravel Lamp - Requires kLite Wire Loom

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The kLite ULTRA v2 lamp is the world's best dynamo hub light. With three distinct application versions, this lightweight (133g), waterproof, and vibration-proof device is the ultimate night time riding companion for committed bicycle commuting, MTB singletrack, backcountry touring, bikepacking, touring, or ultra endurance road racing.  The device ships with a handlebar / fork mounting system (67g) but should that fail on you in the backcountry, it has plenty of redundant zip tie mounting points to keep you rolling through the night.  The entire kLite ULTRA lineup is “expedition rated”—waterproof, vibration proof, and tested over thousands of miles by elite cyclists worldwide. This listing is for the ULTRA lamp only – see “Kits” for ready-to-roll bikepacking setups.

Selected by Bikepacking.com in December 2020 in their “Gear of the Year” roundup!


ULTRA GRAVEL—Long Projection 1,300 L Triple Beam: 2x Spot Optics, 1x Flood Optic. Intended for racing and touring over gravel and dirt roads, the ULTRA GRAVEL lamp uses projector lenses on the two outside lamps and a diffused lens on the center lamp. You will be amazed by how bright this lamp is—especially on quiet and lonely gravel roads. It’s so bright that . . . oncoming cars slow down to check out what it is that’s coming toward them. As with the ULTRA MTB, below 13kph / 8mph, the power from the dynamo is boosted to provide the world’s most powerful dynamo light at low speed.  At 13kph / 8mph, the center flood optic kicks in to provide immediate vicinity illumination.  The unit also has capacitive storage which provides light in low power mode for ~10 minutes without incoming power – ideal for hike-a-bike, on-the-trail maintenance, and a quick camp setup. When coupled with the kLite USB charger and kLite wiring loom, this unit provides a turnkey ultra-endurance platform designed to keep your electronics charged and you on the gravel. Ships with a handlebar mount; designed for use with the kLite dynamo wiring loom and any current dynamo hub.