Replacement kLite Dual USB Charger (Requires kLite Wiring Loom)
Replacement kLite Dual USB Charger (Requires kLite Wiring Loom)

Replacement kLite Dual USB Charger (Requires kLite Wiring Loom)

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If you're looking to replace your kLite USB charger unit, you've come to the right place. This listing is for a kLite dual USB charger unit only.    


The kLite dual USB charger connects securely to the kLite wire loom, providing USB charging for two USB connections. Includes a red LED to indicate charging is active. The configuration is ideal for devices that need constant power (like a trail GPS) or devices that need to be recharged (like a phone or storage battery).  

The USB device is "always on" when using the pro / race wire loom. During the daytime, toggle off the lighting unit using the switch on the wiring loom; this shifts 100% of the alternating current from the dynamo hub to the USB charger. The charger converts the variable AC to a steady 5V DC for use across the two USB ports. At night, switch the light on, and prioritize charging only for necessary components--like your GPS. The unit is small (8cm x 3.5cm x 2.5cm) rugged, waterproof, and lightweight. It has ziptie ports on one end to help with fitting on your adventure rig, but most simply tuck it inside one of their bags and zip the closure up to the wire to facilitate on-the-trail charging. 


An application note:  Before buying this replacement unit, please look over the connector pictures below.  kLite made a running change in its wiring loom connection systems to enhance connection security and water protection; this change improved system longevity significantly.  

If you have an older (60 series) style loom and need a new USB charger, select a this model and a 30 series to 60 series adapter.  

If after reviewing the pictures, you're not sure about compatibility, shoot us a picture of your harness and / or devices and we'll help assess compatibility.