Updated Cockpit

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Updating the cockpit with a few new items from our product lineup!


From the bottom of the picture--

  • On the bottom left in the picture you can see a Zpacks cuben fiber shoulder pouch that I've modified to make into a snack holder. It's zip tied to the bars and the stem, and holds a bottle, can, or food. Handy!
  • The inReach Mini2 is attached to the headset stack with the Jefe Headset Spacer with GoPro Mount and the kLite inReach / eTrex GoPro Mount
  • The stem is a Paul Boxcar. The kLite lamp switch is zip tied to the left side of the Boxcar stem so that when you push the switch forward, it's on.
  • Attached to the stem is a Curve Walmer 60cm Drop Bar wrapped first in Jefe Extra Long 4.8mm Extra Cushion Bar Tape and with the outer layer wrapped in Jefe Extra Long 3.7mm Super Grip Bar Tape
  • On the bars, there are a set of Profile retracting elbow pads with 70mm extenders that lift them up above the bar surface for extra real estate.
  • Extending from the bars are a set of BarYak Expedition aero bars with a Titanium cross bar and carbon fiber hand grips. So solid and comfy!
  • Attaching to the top right of the BarYak is a GUB 660 Aluminum Garmin Mount with an adhesive Garmin mount plate mounted to the back of the kLite Dual USB Charger.  It's part of the kLite Gravel kit.
  • On the right, in front of the kLite Dual USB charger, you can find a Nitecore NPB1 Submersible Battery. It's simply ziptied to the BarYak and is really useful in that position because I can see the state of the battery and easily plug and unplug cords into it.
  • Right in front of the inReach is my iPhone, attached to the BarYak with a series of connectors from QuadLock. I have it oriented so that the face recognition works and it's easy to change up the podcast, Audible audio book, or super jam from Spotify without straying too far from the handlebars.
  • To the left of the iPhone is my trusty old-school Suzue bell. This thing is worth the weight, particularly when you stray onto a bike path with joggers, it's just the thing to announce your arrival and the sustain on the bell is impressive. It cuts through most headphones.
  • Out front, I have a 22.2 combination mount by Corki that holds my Wahoo Roam GPS and underneath, the kLite ULTRA Gravel lamp from its GoPro mount.
  • Not pictured is the kLite Qube XL front blinker that I have mounted to the left fork blade, and the Bearclawholster Bear Spray mount that I have connected to the back right fork blade.


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